Holy cow, where have we been!!!? Part 1: The Deck

I can’t believe how long we have been away from the blog-o-sphere (I love that word)! I’m learning that sometimes things just need to be let go at times…I. can. not. do. it. all. Therefore, for the past few months I’ve let go of posting here.

We have experienced many changes…Darwin is a running, talking, sometimes screaming fool who we can’t get enough of. Spencer and I tied the knot (woot!). And, we built a deck. SO…to briefly catch you up on the past few months so we can get back to the business of our daily toddler life (which is getting juicy now that Darwin is getting older!) I’m going to start with the construction of a dream…the deck.

If you are here for info on kiddos this is not the post for you. If you would love to see how we struggled, sweated and built a 980 square foot deck (so we could have a wedding on it), please read on!

In the beginning…Spencer dug, and dug, and dug. Then Robert showed up and did the nasty bits that are the foundation and framing of the deck. A task that could NOT have been accomplished by Spencer and I. Many thanks to Robert.

Picking up lumber and such from Home Depot. Darwin loved it because it was the first time he rode in the front seat (airbags off, of course).

hd truck

This day of unloading pier blocks and lumber was a killer! Spencer was blissfully away on his bachelors week in CA so he missed out on the fun.

cement blocks

Relaxing after unloading the truck…much needed! Robert at first laughed at my fire pit on the deck (the glow reflecting on Darwin’s hair) but ultimately he decided that it was a wonderful addition to the ambiance- even if we don’t need the warmth 🙂



The framing almost finished…

from up above


Decking done on one section…

side deck

While I was away on the mainland Spencer and friends finished the majority of the decking…not a small feat.

bren deck

Getting there with some posts…

deck railing 1

Getting even closer with wire railings on the ocean side and…

deck railing

Wah-lah!! How many people we can we squeeze onto it? This was the wedding…which will be discussed in Part 2!


It’s crazy to watch a dream of “lets build a gigantic deck” come to fruition. When you are dreaming about it you forget about the nitty gritty that has to come in between. The endless digging, painting, sanding, staining (it still needs one coat!), pounding plugs, etc. And you forget that doing this on your own without a construction crew is a humongous task. Then you remember that you have a toddler that is also going to be demanding your attention, so you end up squeezing work in between potty breaks, snack, and demands for books to be read- so you’re actually working in 20 minute increments. Unfortunately, Darwin watched an inordinate amount of TV during this time…something that we had previously limited severely. But, such is life, it is over now and his TV days are few and far between. He did learn a lot about tools, building materials and Home Depot 🙂

See you soon for the wedding post!

Thanks for reading!!


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