Day in the Life of a Toddler

all three

Happy Father’s Day to the best DaDdY!!

5:45 Open eyes, see that mama is still asleep- play with stuffed dolphin and read truck book, dutifully wait for the day to start…
6:15 Mama’s up!
6:20 Pee in potty.
6:30 Rest on couch drinking milk while mama does yoga.
6:50 Eat a pear.
7:00 Watercolor Fathers Day cards for daddy.


7:20 Help mama feed ducks, clean their ‘ponds’…then water the garden.

7:40 Build elaborate train track outside….with some help from mama.


8:00 Pull out own yoga mat and practice some moves.

yoga pose2yogapose

8:15 Daddy’s up! Wish him Happy Daddy Day and give him his cards.
8:45 Go out to breakfast at coffee shop.


9:30 Roll around the grass with Daddy.

rolling in grass

10:00 Dance party to Charlie Hope. Stomp to the beat!
10:30 Nap in car on way to Hilton.
11:30 Crash Hilton Hotel pool.





1:00 Eat lunch of broccoli pizza and yogurt.

pizza eating

1:15 Play ball with daddy in the pool.



Throw. Splash!

1:45 Watch real-life dolphins.


2:15 Board the TRAIN (well, actually a monorail but who’s keeping track of semantics?)!!!


2:35 Enjoy a pineapple juice while watching yellow tang and waiting for boat. Then need to make five potty trips in the next hour.

yellow tang

2:45 Ride boat, back and forth, back and forth


3:30 Leave the Hilton. Boo.
3:40 Tell parents “poo” while in carseat. Pull over on side of highway to, yep, poop.
4:00 Go to grocery store dressed in a long sleeve shirt as pants, because mama is a slacker and didn’t pack extra shorts. Sweet. Unfortunately no picture of this awesome ensemble.
4:45 Parents give up on parenting to make dinner, placed in front of TV to watch dance scenes from Grease (aka Geesey, if you’re two and learning to speak). It is Daddy’s favorite, he wishes he was Danny Zuko.
4:50 Daddy joins the couch brigade to leave dinner making to mama.

couch time

5:00 Help Daddy remove trucks from his skateboard, rub bearing grease all over face.

6:00 Finally dinner is served. Salmon, mashed sweet potatoes and swiss chard. YUM!
Hoover up all food on plate because growing takes some serious calories.
6:45 Shower, brush teeth, pee, storytime!
7:30 Blissfully out like trout

On to the next day!


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