Ways We Learn Through Play

Pick, Press, Dry, Laminate

Darwin and I collected some random flowers and plants from the local Mala’i- the Culinary School Garden of Waimea Middle School (the school that Spencer works at). We pressed and dried them, and finally laminated them (if you follow this blog you know I love a good lamination project!). It was a simple, quick project but produced such lovely window hangings.

IMG_3304 IMG_3305

If you get a chance to check out the Mala’i link please do, it is an amazing place created and managed by a friend. I love to wander around the paths and escape into the magical garden the students have created.

Glue Freshly Picked Flowers

If you (or some small human) just cannot wait for the flowers to be pressed and dried then just throw them in some glue on a card, call it good 🙂



We went to a birthday party on Saturday where there was a face painter, whom I really want to hire for our wedding!…Darwin refused to have her paint his face (only a turtle on his arm…that promptly rubbed off because of the copious amounts of sunscreen I slather on his baby skin). But, everyday since then he has insisted on face painting. It’s quite adorable when he is drawing on his own face, the concentration is intense!


The beautiful result! I apologize for the blurry image, SOMEONE insists on pushing the button.

Paint Outside the Box

I’m always looking for new media to create with. For this project we used yarn to spread paint, instead of a brush. Darwin managed to keep the paint covered yarn on the paper- I was expecting it to be tossed around like a lasso but amazingly he controlled himself. I always be prepare myself for the biggest mess possible and sometimes he surprises me with self-control, whoa! The overall result is pretty cool, abstract.

string painting stringpainting

Get Yet Another Animal…or Four…

Because goats, dog, cat, fish and chameleon aren’t enough we needed to add ducks to our laundry list of animals. These guys are my last attempt at birds that lay eggs…we have one chicken and a rooster that roam the property but they are hardly our pets. We do get eggs from her but only because I’ve found her nest…not because she puts them in a lay box or anything. Plus they sleep in a tree…hardly what you would call pets. Mongooses are a huge problem here, they are nearly impossible to protect against. It’s basically survival of the fittest. We have lost more chickens to mongooses than I can count. Anyhoo, we are going to try our luck with ducks. So far I think they are hilarious. They are super messy and will probably be loud once they get older, but watching them swim in their little bathtubs is awesome and makes me smile every time I see them shake out their little useless wings.

ducklingsWe are still looking for names…two of them will be Flitter and Flap thus completing all of the charaters from the book Stellaluna (Stellaluna = dog, Pip = cat). Any and all suggestions are welcome! We don’t know their sex yet though…

Practice Emerging Skateboarding Skills

And finally your zen video of the post, Darwin’s skateboarding skills…


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