Ways WeLearn Through Play

~Make some cucumber dip

Darwin is in love, love, love with dip…as most kiddos are. They are a fun, interactive food that allows them to practice their fine motor skills and spatial awareness as they dip/scoop/eat.
This dip could not be simpler. It is only cucumber, cream cheese and yogurt, and whatever spices you want to add. You can find the full recipe on the Toddler Recipes page.

Throw all ingredients into food processor (I haven’t tried it but it would probably work fine in the blender too).
We added some cumin, garlic and mint…and a pinch of salt.

Hit the right button

And wah-lah!


~Create some scary ghosts.

I love how they move in the breeze.

And learn how they say boooo (one of Darwin and Miss G’s words of the week).

The idea came from kaboose.com. Simple. Easy. Cheap.

I cut out a bunch of eyes and mouths of varying shapes and sizes.  Let each child pick which ones they wanted, then they added some tissue paper strips, and glued it all together. This was also a great lesson for the little guys as they are learning body parts now. Darwin has been pointing out EEEYES on everything lately.


~Learn how to turn on the vacuum

I am all in support of child labor. Ok, kidding. But in actuality learning practical life skills is very important during the toddler years. The Montessori philosophy (this one I’m a firm believer in) states that practical life activities, such as cleaning a table, sweeping and dressing self, lays the groundwork for mental and physical work in all other areas of work, not just in early childhood, but throughout life. Once a kiddo learns how to care for themselves and their environment they can move on to academic endeavors.

I vacuum a LOT, Darwin has consequently always been obsessed with the vacuum. Here is a great video where he is learning how to turn it on….next step, he’ll be doing the vacuuming, not me. Haha.


~Do yoga!

We do morning stretches everyday. All the kiddos have learned the steps in a basic sun salutation. (sorry the pictures are a bit blurry, hard to take pictures when they are moving so fast)

Touch the sky!

Touch your toes!

Get down on your belly and act like a snake!

Stick your bum in the air!

How cute are their little bum-bums?

Touch your toes!

Touch the sky!

They love it, I love it, it gets the juices flowing. We usually end up doing three or four rounds before they are ready to move on to another activity.

Jumping for joy after yoga!

~Play follow the leader.

We spent some time at the park on Friday. Instead of playing on the playground equipment, we spent most of the time playing follow the leader along the sidewalks. Miss K, as the oldest and thus fastest, was usually the leader. It was great exercise for all kiddos which meant an extremely long afternoon nap. Yes!


~Hit your local pumpkin patch…again…


…except this time in costume! Yeah! Meet Hulk Hogan…

We met some friends at the pumpkin patch. We gotta take advantage of holiday activities while they are here. Darwin worked on his gross motor development by pushing, carrying and climbing all over the pumpkins. Those are all activities that, I’m sure, Hulk Hogan did also.


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