Ways We Learn Through Play

As we settled into our new schedule of no preschool I had big plans to blog more often…so far it has not happened….yet. In all fairness we have been busy with many guests. We had Spencer’s Aunt and Uncle from Canada visit for a few days. Then, this past week we had SIX houseguests from a grandpa to an uncle to a friend from Chicago plus all the girlfriends.

Regardless, here are a few ways we have played a couple weeks ago…


Make colored ice

Super-duper simple. Just food color, water and an ice tray. I initially just put these in a ziplock baggie thinking Darwin would play with it like but he wasn’t terribly interested.


Interest increased when I popped them into a bowl…


I later gave him the colored ice cubes in the bath tub. That was the winner!


Fun with corn starch

This is an oldie but a goodie, I used to do this sensory activity for kiddos with special needs. Youngsters will get the same sensorial benefits from it. It’s simply cornstarch with cold water added to it. No measurements, just experiment what consistency you desire. Food coloring always is a bonus but not necessary.


It feels great running through the fingers…


Disclaimer: it is a bit messy if you do it inside but luckily the cornstarch is an easy clean-up as it just brushes away once dry.


Field Trip

Miss K is one of the kiddos that we still get to hang out with, but she only comes once a week. We took a field trip with her to the tallest waterfall in Hawaii, a whopping 442 feet! Amazingly, Miss K who was born and raised on the Big Island had never been there before!


You can see the waterfall peeking through above Miss K’s head to the right.


Carry as much water as your little arms can


We have a lot of trips to the beach these days. Lucky us:) This picture speaks for itself. Love it.

He did multiple trips to the water and back, countless falls but always back on his feet quickly.


Play with your shapes

Darwin has really begun to understand how objects fit into one another. He is a master of this puzzle…of which I love because it can be used for years to come. Kiddos pretty much can’t play with it without learning something each time. They can learn shapes, numbers, colors, time, matching, sorting, and more.  It has different shapes for each number, each a different color, and movable arms for learning how to tell time.




Practice Swimming Skills

We have been spending a lot of time in the water, via the beach, pool or bathtub. All are excellent excuses to practice putting your head under water. Here is a brief video of Darwin dunking his head in the water at the beach. Warning, he is naked….I forgot his swim clothes…but he is sunscreened up!

Dunking Head


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