Ways We Learn Through Play


Explore the stars…

…from the privacy and warmth of your own bedroom. Darwin has been obsessed with his turtle toy that projects constellations. He loves searching for the moon, still too young to start looking for Orion’s belt…but it won’t be long!


I hope you can see him here. iPhones don’t do the best in low light situations.


Break out the shaving cream

I love introducing new media and sensory items. This week I wanted to see what could ensue with lots of shaving cream…


First- only shaving cream…


Then blocks were found and added to the mix…


And last a big bowl of water…like always, the water feature was the biggest hit.



Make some bread

Our good friend Kendyll makes unbelievably great bread…and I’ve finally gotten her recipe. This bread has the best consistency and is literally the easiest bread you will ever make. The only unfortunate part is you have to plan ahead since it needs to sit for over 12 hours before baking. But the fantastic part is there is no kneading involved! Woot woot! I’ll post the entire recipe in the Toddler Recipe page…



Yum yum!


Experiment with frozen fruit and veggies

Inspired by the kiwi pops on weelicious we made our own version of Pee Wee Kiwi Popsicles.


We blended one pear and four (pealed) kiwis, put a small amount of frozen peas and carrots in each popsicle holder and filled the rest up with the kiwi/pear mixture. It’s a great way to get the veggies into the kiddos without disguising the food at all.


Ummmm, popsicle for breakfast!


Rediscover the dress-up box

Darwin has begun a new love for dressing up. We have a small box of costumes which he dove into this morning- moving back and forth from the mirror and the pile of costumes.



Checking out his handiwork

blue wig

I need to remember this combination of clothes and wig- he looks just like Thing One (or Two)


Enjoy sand running through your fingers…

And feel lucky you live Hawaii.

beachtime video


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