Ways We Learn Through Play

Here’s our activities from last week…I know, very much delayed but you can find out more WHY if you wish. Despite the whirlwind that was our week we did a lot of great play-based activities. Thanks again for reading! MMmwah!


Prepare for a birthday party!

Woot, woot! Who doesn’t like a party? Miss K turned three last week. To prepare we made her a cake…now, Miss K is a VERY picky eater, she does not like anything that has whole wheat, or does not taste like “candy”. That is the only way to get her to try something new, she will ask “Does it taste like candy?” to which I always reply “yes.” I have tried those Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor  Jelly Beans and I’m pretty sure there is a broccoli flavored one. So, yes it does taste like candy. Thus, I decided on an Almond Polenta cake with berries on top. Unfortunately, all my pictures of the kiddos and I making it were junk so all I have is the recipe. BTW this is THE easiest cake in the world because all you need is a blender. No other mixing involved. Perfect for toddler cooking. LOVE IT! You can find the recipe on my Toddler Recipe page :)


Celebrate Miss K’s birthday!!!

Miss K is the kiddo I have had the longest at the pre-preschool and she is SUCH a joy. No joke. Everyone loves her. It’s been such a pleasure to be able to spend the last year with her watching her grow from an awkward two-year-old to a confident three-year-old.

We made hats to decorate our heads. Super simple, but always super fun.

We made a wide array of shapes for our crowns…from pointy,

to fancy zig-zags for the birthday girl…

to simple rounded hills…

to big, old triangles.


Ummm, build that teepee you’ve been talking about for forever.

We finally erected the teepee, and moved it, and erected it again. Here it is in all it’s naked glory. Because we have no more trees shading our yard I thought this could eventually become a cool spot to rest in…once the pole beans that we planted grow up to cover the sides. It’s pretty impressive without any covering though. And our neighbors think we are crazy…but that’s cool cuz so are they.

Pretty sturdy, all the kiddos have to check for stability in the posts.

And not a bad view we have from here…


Make Pizzas

Everyone loves pizza, right? And even better if you can turn it into a math, sensory, and nutrition lesson at the same time…oh yes. Even little Miss G ate the pizza…another notoriously picky eater. I think it really helped for them to build it themselves from the dough up.

Darwin and I made the dough before the kiddos arrived. I cheat and use the food processor…it turns out so lovely! The pizza crust recipe can also be found on the Toddler Recipe page.

Pounding out our pies. It’s like playdough, that you get to eat, and not get an upset tummy from :)

Any size or shape is welcome!

Adding the cheese…

and yumtastic! They turned out so delicious, I was pleasantly surprised (and so were they).


Feed our new chicks

To join the rest of our farm animals (goat, dog, cat…fish) we have added some little chicks! We have six of them, hopefully some will turn out to be females because we go through so many eggs in this household. They add yet another animal that the kiddos can feed and nurture daily.

Sorry for the horrible pic, they are extremely fast little animals…and skittish too.


Give yourself, and the baby a pedicure

No explanation needed, it’s just nice to to make something pretty. And even better when your son wants to be pretty too (he asked for it, and then sat perfectly still for this).



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