Ways We Learn Through Play

~Get your squishy on

We made some “squishy bags”- basically cornstarch and water in a bag, but great sensory play for the littlest ones. It is an easy way to expand your child’s sense of sight and touch in a fun, non-messy way!

I mixed about three cups of hot water with 5 tablespoons of cornstarch (mixed into a cold water paste first), and added food coloring….put into ziplocks…waa-lah!

They are exciting when taped to the window at their height,

but even better if you stand and dance on them. Luckily, we used really tough freezer bags that withstood the dance-a-thon.

~Explore a gourd field

Next door we have an empty lot where another neighbor has planted some gourds and kaboucha squashes. On our daily walks Darwin and I explore the field. We’ve watched as the gourds have gone from flower (big, beautiful white ones) to vegetable…we might have to use some for pumpkin painting…even thought they are not pumpkins…technically.

His face here is too ridiculous not to share

~Make some bath paints

We found a recipe at the idea room. Simple, easy for the kiddos to do in entirety.

Mixed cornstach with baby soap, added food coloring…

beautiful, right?

And fun. This kind of looks like a murder scene…but alas…

If we did this again I would try another recipe, this one was super watery. Personally, I’d like one that sticks to the walls of the bath tub, but that’s just me. Thus, the search for perfect bath paints continues…


~Make a frame, for your self portrait

I sent questionnaires home with the parents and made a “get to know me” for each kiddo. My mom is in town so she took on the task of framing these beauties.

A little tissue paper to make everything super special.

Here is the one I did for Darwin…

And for those of you that want to know his answers, in case the text is too small….

  • favorite season: winter, because someday I’ll surf those big waves
  • favorite color: green
  • favorite food: blueberries
  • favorite sport: swimming
  • snack I could live on: pirate booty
  • if I could change my name, it would be: Marvin K. Mooney
  • if I could go anywhere, I’d go to: water, of any kind
  • thing I do most awesomely: dance like a fool
  • coolest people on earth: daddy
  • favorite song: home, by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
  • when I grow up, I want to be: happy
  • if I had one wish, it would be: to never have to wear pants
  • when I was little I used to: wear diapers
  • my best memory: skateboarding with my dada
  • food I really don’t like: i eat everything
  • my best friend: kilihea
  • favorite book: goodnight moon
  • favorite toy: dump truck


~Get carried on mama’s back

I am a huge fan of babywearing…I will write more on this later but there really is no better thing to do with your child. I’ll possibly get one of my mama friends who are huge babywearing fanatics to write a guest post….that would be exciting!!

Ain’t he adorable….


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