Ways We Learn Through Play

~Get lost in a book

No matter where you are, or what’s going on around you, don’t miss out on an opportunity to read, read, read.

~Help cut down some trees

We are always in the process of working on our massively, overgrown yard. Not only is it covered in the most nasty, heinous guinea grass but we also have tons of rubbish trees– such as this iron wood. Darwin has been “helping” me take the branches off. We are going to use these large branches/mini trees to build a teepee….so exciting!

Nope, this is not a real saw….in case you were about to call CPS.

~Learn a new sport

Little Darwin is on the move…and he is learning how to throw balls, kick them, and move them about with a way-too-big hockey stick. Of course. Click here:


~Catch up with old friends

We were lucky enough to meet up with little Miss E, she was our first student at the preschool. Darwin has known her since he was 3 months old, she calls him her little brother. So freaking cute! She has graduated to Kindergarten though so we don’t get the pleasure of her presence every week anymore :(

We met her at the local pumpkin patch…look at Darwin checking her out. Could be his first girlfriend right there.

How adorable is she in those cowboy boots??

~Create a ‘filling-n-dumping’ toy

This is a super easy, super cheap toy. The filling and dumping stage of a toddlers life helps them build fine motor skills as they pull stuff out of any and every container (rarely putting it back…a later skill). It is also an important cognitive exercise as they realize how much stuff can fit into certain containers….

This container used to house surface wipes but now it is filled with tissue paper, a Kleenex box would work just as well.

Yep, the tissue paper comes out…and goes back in…

…hours and hours of play. YAY!

~Visit your local zoo

This is my all-time-favorite field trip. The Hilo zoo is free, not too big and filled with exciting animals. They even have a white tiger, Namaste, although he was sick this past visit. Boo.

I know, donkeys are not exotic but they make great noises, have enormous ears, and actually come close to the fence.

It’s also a good place to practice hand holding.

~Create something with those pesky egg cartons

This is yet another cheap, easy but time-occupying toy. Simply put holes in the bottom of an egg carton and fill with clothespins. Done, and done.


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