Ways We Learn Through Play


Integrate the senses with rice


Rice sensory bins are some of the easiest ways to get the sensory action on. We made this one with rainbow colored rice and an insect theme months ago, but it is still a winner every time it is pulled out. The kiddos scoop, pour and dig for insects for hours. Literally.

Playing with this outside is key if sensory play stresses you out- it can create quite a mess.




Spice up your play dough with some glitter!

The recipe is listed on a previous play post, just add glitter for more pizazz!

Stirring the glitter into the ingredients

Introduce anything to the play…cut up straws add another level to the action.

~Make a footprint impression

We followed the recipe from the Imagination Tree. Although I would probably look for another recipe if I were to do this again. The humidity just soaked into the salt and it turned soggy after awhile, even though we baked it for several days. Cute though!




Make some FLUBBER

This was one of my favorite activities. The recipe was found here….super simple, easy and fun for hours.

Adding the ingredients

 Love the use of the old yoga mat to keep grass out of the flubber

It takes imprints.

it stretches. Nothing else quite feels like flubber.


Make some fish prints

We were gifted some fish and saved one to be our sacrificial fish for making some cool prints.

Our lovely fish

Painting him up

Checking him out after a few prints were made, “oooooooo!”

Our final product, my favorite piece of art in the school right now…I might not be sending this one home with the kiddos…


Catch up on some weeding!

Darwin loves to put on my gardening gloves and carry dangerous gardening implements around the yard- learning valuable gardening skills in the process!


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