Ways We Learn Through Play


~Build a worm bin

Kiddos love worms, we hunt for them often…here they can watch as they turn scraps into usable compost.

We tore up newspapers and magazines….

Added some ruffage of lawn clippings, got it all damp and added the worms. Miss K was grossed out (more because the worms were living in a compost that smelled like garlic) but the two boys loved the worms- poking at them.


~Water the plants

This is an activity that can keep Darwin occupied for a long, long time. It can also end in tears if you try to end it and he is not finished yet. It’s even more fun if you get to shoot water on your friends. Miss G kept trying to drink out of the spray…water- always a good time.


~Bake some kale muffins

I just discovered weelicious.com– it’s a fantastic website to find nutritious foods for the little ones. These muffins cram in the greens in a super yummy way, we used kale instead and they were fantastic :)

Checking out the green-yummy-goodness in the blender

…mixing up the dry ingredients, building fine motor skills and spatial awareness

…not picture-perfect muffins, but I’m a self-professed “non-baker”…even though I try

AND the final product taste testers! They loved them! Miss K had never had kale before…she ate 4 muffins before the end of the day. Sneaky goodness!

~Get your swing on

We are lucky enough to take field trips to an amazing park. These two youngin’s love to swing. Just like swinging in a hammock, it does wonders for their ability to concentrate (see hammock swinging in a previous post).


~Stack a Pink Tower

The importance of block play cannot be underestimated. Stacking them helps them develop spatial skills, motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Not to mention problem-solving skills

Miss G is only 13 months and able to stack 6 blocks! Woot woot!I love that she is doing it in style with her matching pink top!

~ Make a yummy COCONUT-AVOCADO popsicle

We were just gifted some popsicle forms and I’ve been dying to make some, we had to wait until we had more room in our miniscle freezer though. With the preschool in our ohana, as well as frozen food in that freezer, we have some extra space finally. Here we experimented with some avocados from the farmers market and donated limes. The result was super creamy, and super yummy. The fatty goodness of avocados is especially great for their brain development!


Throw into blender:

  • 2 avocados
  • juice of one lime
  • ~1/2 cup coconut milk
  • agave syrup to taste
  • dash of salt

Freeze in popsicle forms or dixie cups with popsicle sticks.

Why yes, this is delicious. Why no, I will not share with you.


~Good old-fashioned drawing with markers

I know, not super imaginative, but it is a super important skill for the kiddos to learn. Everyone stresses the importance of fine motor skills (yes, important!), but the culminating ability in all this development is to be able to hold a pen correctly. So give ‘em pens!

This is also super fun for the youngsters to crumple the paper, destroy it if they want, rip, crush, crinkle…..great sensory activity.


~ Play some Frisbee

Obviously a one-year-old can not throw a Frisbee. They are learning to throw balls, rocks, sticks, and everything they can get their little paws on. Frisbee’s are especially gratifying in the fantastic noise created once they hit the flooring. Plus, the funny way they fly compared to most things thrown. Although in this picture Miss G does not look interested, trust me, she was. They spent almost half an hour chucking the Frisbee off the couch, climbing down to get it and chucking it again. Building those gross motor muscles as well!



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