Ways We Learn Through Play

Ever since seeing a gadget wall on Pinterest I’ve wanted to make one. Literally, this was a year ago….I’ve slowly collected hinges, locks, eye hooks, and other locking mechanisms and finally last week I decided it was time for Darwin and I to sit down and put it together. Gadget walls are perfect for teaching kiddos how to undo certain types of latches and locks while it simultaneously improves their fine motor skills.



closesandingWe started by sanding the doors (thank you Grandpa Lee for cutting these for us…months ag0!)

screwing gadgetThen decided on placement of the doors, followed by screwing on the new doors and hinges.

gadgetboard Attached them….

darwinsandpaperI wanted several doors that had interesting things within them so to keep Darwin coming back for more. My first door has sandpaper cut into the letters of DARWIN. This is loosely based on montessori method of using sandpaper letters to teach both the phonic sound of the letter and to gain muscular memory of the shape of the letters as a prelude to writing. The kiddo traces the letter as he says it out loud.


Next, I wanted a fine-motor-way to play with matching colors- Darwin is definitely in this phase of learning, most things are either blue, yellow or black in his book though 🙂 These blocks are attached with velcro, the idea is for Darwin to match the color block with the corresponding color field.

picture doorUnder a second door I placed a picture of Darwin and I. And under a third door I painted a blackboard paint square that can be erased and colored in. A good way for him to start coloring only on the black square…not all over 🙂 Someday!

key holeThe blackboard door has to be opened with a lock a key.



The doors all closed…

gadget board2  And open!



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