Ways We Learn Through Play

I’m switching it up this week and focusing only on TODDLER CHORES! Which are basically play, if you make it that way! The responsibilities of chores help to establish a sense of order and peace that the kiddo is then able to carry into more academic work (which for Darwin is stacking/puzzles/exploring).  Chores also give kiddos a sense of time management, the ability to prioritize tasks (eventually!), as well as general organizational skills.

Toddlers LOVE doing chores, really they do. One of Darwin’s first phrases was “I help”. Here are a few ways that Darwin contributes to our household responsibilities.

Washing Dishes

Yep, it’s messy and water gets everywhere but he loves it.

washing dishes

Standing in his Tower and help out at the sink.

Watering Plants

We recently made this little watering ‘can’ using an old olive oil bottle and poked some holes in the bottom so the water can “rain” out. Darwin is able to fill it up and carry it around to water the plants…and dump it out and do it all over again 🙂


Load/Unload Dryer

As obsessed with appliances as this little dude is, it is not a surprise that he L-O-V-E’s the dryer… Whenever I go into the laundry room he insists on coming in to “I help” with taking clothes out and filling it up. He knows exactly which button to press to turn it on…impressive since the button is a Press And Hold button- most adults have a hard time with it.


Load/unload dishwasher

Yet another appliance to fall in love with. Darwin can take out dishes and put them away..usually without me having to tell him where. Of course, my whisk or measuring cups might not end up in the drawer right away (they might be wanting to take a ride in the dump truck 🙂 ) but they get there eventually…even if they have to take another trip through the dishwasher.


Feed Animals

We have a ton of animals: dog, cat, fish, goats, chickens- everyday we feed them. Darwin loves them all and helps immensely.


Feeding the fish…


the goats…

Helping Cook

I try to let D participate in most cooking endeavors…under direct supervision of course. He respects HOT and knows not to turn the handles.

cooking eggs

Here is a video of him cracking eggs for our quiche:

Cracking Eggs

Clean Rugs

Not a regular ‘chore’ but something we had to do this last week. Darwin loved spreading the soap around then rinsing it with the hose (of course).


Rinsing the rug…

Pure joy!


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