Paul Mitchell Field Trip

walking in

Yesterday, Darwin and I were lucky enough to tag along with a local school to the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Farm. It’s been a bit wet lately but it turned out to be a perfectly sunny and amazing day. The farm is up the mountain from Paauilo town, and it is a completely sustainable, solar-powered awapuhi farm. All of the awapuhi, also known as the Shampoo Ginger, used in John Paul Mitchell Systems products is harvested here, in these few beds.


The clear slimy juice in the mature awapuhi flower has long been used for softening and bringing shininess to the hair.


The caretakers not only manage the grounds (which I think were some 30 acres), but they harvest and process all the awapuhi. The place is absolutely beyond beautiful. The kiddos got to run around the grounds exploring the ginger root and multitude of plants.

torch ginger


There is a large fish pond complete with koi, bullfrogs (plus tadpoles), dragonflies and, of course, lots of mud. It was a small humans dream-come-true.

Hey, little froggy, froggy…(in upper right corner peaking out of the water)


catching tadpoles

catch anything



Our beautiful friends Caitlin, Lael and Malu who brought us along with them on the field trip 🙂




At the farm they don’t harvest the juice from the flower. They instead dry the root, and grind it to the a fine powder.

drying awaphui

drying racks

The drying racks (solar powered!)


The final product.

Thank you to Miranda for allowing us to tag along with the class!!


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