One and a Half Years

First, let me apologize for a major lapse in blogging. Last week was ridiculously hard, I’ve been fighting some strange allergic reaction, was super hormonal, and to top it off, Spencer fell off the roof (luckily he is okay…smooshed hand but nothing broken)…and honestly in my free time, I have only wanted to watch mindless TV….but we’re back now.

Darwin officially turned 18 months on the 6th….he is changing and growing and learning at an exponential rate. He went to his 18 mo checkup, and pronounced super healthy: 26 pounds, 32 inches tall, pretty much 50th percentile across the board. No under-, or over-achieving here. Just perfection.

My favorite new thing he does is self recognition. He can look at a picture of himself or the mirror and say “Darwin” in his little baby voice, as he pokes himself in the chest. It’s so freaking adorable. I have been trying to capture it on video, but of course he never cooperates for that ;)

Checking out the duds that he picked out himself. Not too bad. Actually had matching shoes and shirt (don’t know where he got that gene- not from Spencer or I). The shoes are two sizes too big but otherwise….

I’m not sure how many words he can say, it’s not a lot- but it’s hard to figure what to count. There are many words that I know he is saying but no one, other than daddy, would know what he was saying. Plus, a lot of his words are coupled with signs so it’s much clearer to me when to someone else it sound like bahbahbah.

He’s also starting to understand simple concepts such as space and dimension. He’s able to put together a basic puzzle, and he is getting better at placing shapes in their appropriate spot in a shape-sorter.

THE MOST IMPORTANT AND AMAZING CHANGE IS…drum roll please…HE SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!! omg. I have been hesitant to talk to anyone about it because I don’t want to jinx this wonderful gift but he goes to sleep around 7:30 and will usually sleep until 4:00- at which point we potty, nurse and he is back to sleep until 6-6:30. Oh, the gloriousness of uninterrupted sleep. We went the route of co-sleeping (still do), bouncing back to sleep, and not letting him cry-it-out…but it was a LOT OF WORK. Everyone always said he will eventually sleep. But at two in the morning when you’ve been up every hour it seems like that day is far, far away. I will give a lot of credit to Spencer, he helped me night wean Darwin in July (we would go 7 hours at night with no feedings…so not the entire night). It taught him that there were other ways to go fall back asleep other than nursing which gave me a break, and now has resulted in sleep, glorious sleep. Ahhhh.

Welpers, that’s it for my update. I have another late post I want to get up about last weeks activities. Thanks for checking in our lovable boy.


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