New Beginnings

The New Year. What about it makes us think this is the time to change, to begin something new in our lives? More exercise. Less sugar. Learn an instrument….

Well, whatever it is we are about to make some drastic changes- we have decided to close our pre-preschool down. Why? Many reasons, but maybe one as simple as a new year brings new hope for a better life. I’ve enjoyed running the daycare for the past year and a half, but its time has come to an end. We’ll be closing our doors Feb 1st. *sad face*

What now? Not quite sure. But I’m going to have a lot more time with Darwin. Hip hip! We are going to rent our ohana out…make our property work for us- in a more financially stable way. And we will find other means of making ends meet. Hopefully ones that will bring more, yet different, satisfaction.

I will continue teaching Darwin through play. My time with him will still involve outside activities, art, science and lots of cooking which I will still report here. I hope to create a mama’s group on the island that meets a couple times a month at each others houses so that Darwin can still get interaction with others his age and I can socialize myself.

Thus we come to my wishes for 2013:


More time for swimming with friends.


More trips to the zoo.

walk outside

More time spent outside.

Oh yeah, and do more yoga.


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