Learning Through Music

After a loooooong absence I finally have time to pound out a post. Between family visiting us, and Spencer being swamped wiht schoolwork and needing the computer I have just not had a chance to get on here.

Music is one of those things that as a parent you are constantly told to expose your child to, from the womb onward. Studies have shown that musical activities have a positive impact in cognitive skills such as understanding patterning, language rhyming, language structure and anticipation. Also, music seems to give young children a greater sense of self, develops the idea of taking turns and helps build social interaction.

I have to say this is a weak spot for me. I am not a natural singer, although I love music and dancing (not a great dancer 😉 ) During his fetal development I’m ashamed to say I did not expose him to much music….he probably heard more This American Life than anything else. And now that he is out in the world I am forcing music into our days. We listen to a lot of rock, kiddo music kinda makes me want to rip my hair out…there are a few exceptions like Kimya Dawson’s Alphabutt but most is pretty annoying. We have daily dance parties and I have about a 10 song repertoire that I run through- Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, etc. That said, I can see that music is very important to Darwin. It is one of the few things that will calm him down in the car and I can’t tell you how many times he has fallen asleep to Coldplay (also not a favorite but tolerable) or Brudda Iz.

Despite my lacking musical abilities Darwin shows great aptitude for all thins musical. He is at the stage of learning new things on an exponential basis. Here a few videos that show how he is beginning to express his musical side. The first is a video of him singing, complete with words…Broccoli. And the second him showing off his excellent ukulele skills.

Broccoli Song


Playing ukulele

This picture has nothing to do with music, I just wanted to show off his haircut. Such a handsome little boy 🙂


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