Hospital, Schmospital

Here I am again, apologizing for not keeping up on this blog…it wasn’t enough that Spencer fell off the roof, that I blow up with hives whenever I eat something suspicious (yet to be determined what I’m allergic to) but Darwin had to get in on the action and get infected with an antibiotic-resistant bacteria. We spent the last week in doctors appointments and in the hospital, not fun. I can handle getting sick myself, but watching my small, little, fragile child go though a sickness was one of the toughest things I’ve gone through. At no point did we think he was not going to beat it, but it took so long for doctors to figure out the right antibiotic for him. He ended up going with a super “big-gun” antibiotic that finally kicked his infection’s bum-bum. Oh, and a surgical procedure to drain his abscesses…he went under! Ugh.

Darwin’s infection began on his forehead as a pimple…that I popped…and introduced some nasty bacteria into his owie that burrowed deep into his skull. I am never popping a pimple again.

You can see the pimple, slightly infected but not seriously in the YES! video.  We got a prescription for a antibiotic ointment on a Tuesday from our ER doctor-friend…it didn’t improve….a pediatrician visit later gave us oral antibiotics to treat the forehead thing and an ear infection…it still didn’t get better. Poor little dude was inundated.

It then progressed to this yucky streak towards his left eye. that swelled up and made him look something like a Star Trek Cling-on. This picture was on Friday. I texted this to our ER doctor-friend at 4:30, I wasn’t worried too much about it but wanted to keep him posted on it’s development (because I’m that sort of paranoid mother)…he somehow got a pediatrician to agree to see us at 5:45 pm on that Friday. She decided that he needed IV antibiotics. So we checked into the hospital.

Here is where the worst experience of the entire experience occurred. They had to put in an IV, the poor little guy has tiny, tiny veins and a lot of baby fat covering them. They let Spencer and I hold him while the nurse dug, for what seemed like 15 minutes but I’m sure it was a lot less, until she found his miniscule vein. Needless to say, he wailed. Boo.

Here he is the next day with his new pull toy the IV bag.

Checking vitals every four hours…

Model-like qualities even in the hospital.

Darwin looked like he was doing well, no fever, no listlessness, in fact he seemed to be thriving off all the attention he was receiving from the nurses :) Then, he woke up looking like Fat Bastard.

Obviously feeling the pain ;)

His right jaw area swelled up into a big ball. So they shipped us to Oahu. Ambulance, Med-evac….the whole nine. Spencer could not come with us on the plane so he had to come the next day…might have been the toughest thing for him to endure.

With markings around the swellings so the Docs could track their progress.

This was our view from the hospital on Oahu, a blessing because we could watch for trucks, buses and other cool vehicles on the highway. And this is BEAR, he was given BEAR on the ambulance and he has become his first stuffy he is attached to.

The Oahu Docs put us on another antibiotic, then another one….and then after an ultrasound decided he needed to have his forehead and neck area drained. I’ve never been put under, Spencer has never been put under…it was very scary to think about. We just had to trust he would be okay. When he woke from sedation was pretty rough, he didn’t feel good and couldn’t figure out why…poor little dude.

Looking good after surgery.

Lots of books were read, lots of puzzles were done….we survived.

And he’s back to normal…making faces like a maniac.

We made it back to Big Island in time for Thanksgiving, which we were mad enough to host for 10ish people…what?!??? But we had lots to be thankful for. Love our little boy, couldn’t imagine life without him.

Taken on Day 1. So fragile.


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