Here today, gone today

We had some mega-excitement over the weekend, our big, rubbish gun powder trees were finally cut down. They provided shade, good. But the bad outweighed the shade: they rained down branches, leaves and flowers (not pretty ones) all day long, filled gutters with the rubbish and when the a hard wind blew large branches fell. And they don’t produce fruit. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish trees. If that isn’t enough reasons to chop them down- they block our stunning ocean view. Bogus.

Here they are before the massacre. Blocking up the view, raining down rubbish….

And gone…look at all that ocean! The tree that is poking into the right side of this photo is gone as well.

It was tree murder, which I felt badly about but now clears the way for avocado, lychee, banana and other fruit trees to be planted down below on our hill. Yay! Plus it gives us another blank slate with which to add to our outdoor environment!

Also, I can’t mention this massive effort without thanking our lovely friends that volunteered to give a hand…you know who you are. Thank you :)


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