Happenings as of Late

It’s official, I am on the first day of my retirement. The past few weeks we have downsized our toy collection (hip hip hooray!), fixed a leaky bathroom complete with new drywall, and gained two new tenants (and their dog). Whew! And, last but not least, closed the pre-preschool down.

We still plan on having daily activities to do. I’m even more excited about this because they can be tailored specifically for Darwin, and his competence level. Plus, we will have much more one-on-one time together…something that he deserves like non-other. Always having to share his mama!

clowning around

Since I haven’t posted lately, here are a few odd-ball photos and videos from the past few weeks…

Here is Darwin practicing his pitch for Stella…

→Ball Throwing←

And another of Spencer and Darwin leaving the beach…

Being pulled

And a followup video of our greatest imitator…

Pulling kiddo

We have added two goats to our family. We’ll be breeding the girl once she is ready and getting milk from her! Having Darwin grow up around animals will teach him responsibility and build his confidence. He already enjoys feeding the little boy his bottles each day.


Gretel is in the background, she was still very wary of us this first day, but now she will eat out of our hands.


This little beauty is Hansel, he is still being fed on a bottle. We will get him castrated in a month, his only purpose is to be a pasture buddy for Gretel.


Hansel is a little lover, we could probably open a petting zoo with him as the star.



This was Hansels first bottle with us, Darwin was not freaked out by it at all. How adorable are they??


We were just messing around on some grass when I caught this picture, he looks like a little man. So confident and stoked about life. Note the plumeria flower behind his ear…he loves doing that.


And here was a beach morning, helping Daddy wax his board…someday he’ll be out there with Spencer.


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