Continuing with my DO LESS motto we spent the week getting out-of-doors, discovering gifts of nature. Simple, easy, full of pleasure.


Make your Daddy birthday cupcakes

Darwin, Miss G and I made Spencer cupcakes for his birthday. We found a easy recipe for banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Relatively healthy, super tasty. I’ve put the recipe onto the Toddler Recipe page if you would like to try it.

This was Darwin’s first experience with frosting…his eyes glazed over, crossed and then couldn’t understand why he couldn’t keep dipping the beater back into the frosting. Yummity!


Give your plants a hand

The biggest surprise upon our return from the Oahu hospital trip was to find sprouted pole beans around our teepee. Yes, I planted the seeds. No, I did not expect them to survive. I have a very black thumb. It’s quite possible that I have killed twice as many things as I have planted. Not a good track record if you are a plant on our property. Given time constraints I just forget to water…and sometimes our goat gets out and devours everything…not entirely my fault ;)

But mother nature gave us a hand and rained while we were away. We put up some string supports to help these little plants grow up so we’ll have a private hideaway soon.


Trying to disentangle the string…


Discover condensation

With all the moisture we have been getting lately, it’s no surprise our windows are getting early morning condensation. As we woke up on this morning Darwin was amazed to find water on our slider…it’s so easy to forget the many things he has never explored yet. I love seeing the world through his eyes.



Sawdust Party

Thursday brought the sounds of a table saw. Naturally, kiddos are drawn to the loud sounds of tools so we went out to investigate. Our neighbor had been cutting up boards for his homemade toolbox and had created a giant pile of sawdust. After a trip to get digging and transporting toys we were in business…


Explore your local parks

We have the most beautiful park created by the volunteers of the Outdoor Circle. It’s filled with lovely paths, surrounded by native Hawaiian plants. We took not one, but two trips there this week.

On Monday the weather was picture perfect. What a beautiful place we live in!

On Friday, not so perfect but still made for an awe-inspiring walk through the pathways.


Wake up and make waffles!

After a long search we finally found a waffle maker we could afford ($4.00!). Now, of course- it’s waffle time!- we followed this recipe for Whole Wheat Waffles then gorged….I personally ate too many. Ahhhh.

Number one helper in the kitchen.

Shake your groove thing…over and over and over

I leave you with a video of Darwin dancing to a lovely (insert sarcastic tone) caroling toy from Aunty Nicole. He loves it, it’s seasonal, I can deal with the same song over and over….for now.


 Xmas Dancing


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